Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, it is time once again to put up the fruitcakes for another year, unless you are using it for a doorstop. It is the time of year when you have about devoured all the goodies from Christmas and the only thing left is the FRUITCAKE. Don't do it, put it away for next years Fruitcake Re-gifting. There are only so many fruitcakes in the world and they are passed around each year, so don't remove the cellophane. I say a story of concern that slipped under the radar during the holidays how the winner of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest participated in a fruitcake eating contest and lost. I don't know how many fruitcakes were eaten during this contest, but it may have put them on the endanged list. I beg of you, put the fruitcake away before the temptation grows to great and you rip open the cellophane. If per chance you have opened it, it is not to late. It will keep without the wrapping, PUT IT UP! Let's keep Fruitcake Re-gifting more than just a memory like so many things that have disappeared from our lives. Happy 2009

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Amy said...

Honestly, don't you think that putting it on the endangered list might mean that for future generations,they would have to contend with an overabundance of fruitcake?? And one would be an overabundance for me! Not unlike our dreaded friend the coconut!