Saturday, December 13, 2008


This past weekend Maryville played in one of the State Championship games in Murfreesboro, TN against Hillsboro High School in Nashville. On the line was a possible 5th State Championship in a row and the 75th consecutive win for the school. It was a tough game in Maryville ended up on the short end of the score 10-7. But there was a greater winning streak going on there, one that continues. It is the leadership of George Quarles, David Ellis, Jimmy Gaylor and the other coaches. Over the years they have done a wonderful job building character in the young men who have been on the team. They have taught them self-discipline, good values, and given them leadership skills that will guide them through life.

Thank you men for your commitment and investment in the lives of these young men over the last few years. The community is greatly aware of what you have done and it is appreciated.

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