Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have recently retired and have just made a discovering I could have used many years ago. Growing up in a traditional southern family that taught responsiblility and that you should complete a job that you start has been a powerful lesson that I have lived by over the years. It has followed me through my schooling and my ministry all these years. A lesson well ingrained into my grey matter, though not as ingrained as the lesson my wife learned as a child that if it wasn't a little painful then it was a waste of time. In college, seminary and ministry I would plod through some books that seemingly had little to offer, I guess with the idea that if someone took the time to put this in print there must be a nuggett there somewhere. I would find that if there was a nuggett it was very very small in comparison to the pages of fill dirt that I had to sift through to find it, and on occasion I guess the screen was too course as the nuggett must have slipped through because I didn't find it.

Then recently I made a great discovery that has made a marvelous change in my life. I found out that I didn't have to read the book if I didn't want to, that I don't have to turn in a reading report and it is alright. What a freedom I enjoy now and it took me 63 years to figure that out.


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