Monday, January 15, 2007


I saw a report on TV of the comsumer electronics show last week out west and all the new gadgets that are out. I have to confess I am a gadget guy and have tried to keep up with what is out there. My collection includes a Treo cellphone, MP3 player, Digital camera, HDTV, laptop computer, GPS, G-Shock atomic watch, and I use podcasting and blogging. Trying to keep up with wifi and bluetooth technology and aware of the the two formats fighting for the DVD recording format of choice. This is not in an attempt to brag on keepiing up for a guy in his mid 60's but to make a point.

While I have been trying to keep up, things are changing so rapidly it is difficult for a retired guy with limited income. My Treo phone is a 600 and they now have out the 650, 700, and 800 and now the iPHONE is out. My digital camera is a 7.1 mp and I now see that they have 10 mp coming out and the prices are getting lower. My computer is a year old and I remember reading several years ago that computer memory doubles every 18 mos., and that is probably every 12 mos. now. My GPS is great but it does not have voice commands, and on it goes.

It is tough keeping up even though my wife will break down every once in a while and let me get a new gadget.

I feel so antiquated. Just a comment from my side of the road as the world flies by.

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