Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well with all that is going on in this world TIME Magazine whimped out on the person of the year. With all the good, the bad and the ugly the best they could come up with was you and me. What a challenging and on edge sellection. They could have picked the President of Iran, Cheves, President Bush, or anyone of a long list of celebrities that have endeared themselves to the world but they chose a gray square and called it YOU.

I also thought that this is just another example of how the media are out of touch with the reality of this world. News magazines don't break many news stories in the faced paced media world in which we live, they are left to give indepth discussions of the issues of the past week or so and try to beat out each other with the snappiest cover for this week.

Well, the more I thought about that the more it grew on me. They selected everyday people who go through life living in a world that is day to day changing and challenging their very existance. Good people who work hard and don't get any recognition for doing their best to make this world a better place for you and me. People who get very little recognition for working hard and doing it right when we have the likes of Brittany Spears getting attention because she is not wearing any underwear. Thank YOU for all you do, you deserve the honor and the praise.

Just my thoughts from the side of the road.


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