Saturday, December 02, 2006


Well I have been following the ups and downs of the SBC and all that has gone on in recent years and I have now come into agreement with one of the founders of the fundamental SBC, Paige Patterson. Hold on before you think that I have lost it.

I read a recent news release where Patterson said that we should let the colleges that don't want to be a part of the new direction of the SBC go. Yes, that is what he said. He said that they have a number of institutions that are with their direction and suggests that it is more than he anticipated. He said that to keep on battling would not help and those not in agreement should be allowed to go their way. I agree with him totally. Kind of scary.

That should be the cue for Carson Newman University along with Belmont and other colleges across Baptist life to make their move and seperate themselves from the direction of Tennessee Baptists and other state conventions as well.

Just my comments from my side of the road. What do you think?

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Will said...

Can you point me to a source (link) for Dr. Patterson's comment, please?