Thursday, November 02, 2006


Continuing in my comments on politics as the election hassle continues to heat up. In my state (Tennessee) we have the battle between Bob Corker and Harold Ford, Jr for the Senate seat vacated by Bill Frist. There are times when they run three or four commericals in a row. One ad by the Corker campaign, one from the Ford campaign and one each from the DNC and the RNC. Next Tuesday cannot come soon enough, and if that is not enough the cable news networks are running continuous programming on the election over a week away, and it's an "off year." Don't forget to throw in the mix of "October surprises" as the media sits waiting for someone to mispeak. Can you imagine what we will be subjected to leading up to 2008 with HDTV in it's full glory. I can hardly wait.

Thank goodness for TIVO. I now hardly ever watch a program in real time and have become a master at zipping through the commercials and getting right to the program content. The political season has made this especially wonderful.

Thank goodness for blogging. With blogging I now do not have to depend on the national media for my coverage of what is going on in the world.

Maybe after Tuesday things will be better. Do you think?

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