Friday, November 10, 2006


Some years ago I read the book by Richard Foster, "Celebration of Discipline." It was an outstanding book that has been most meaningful to me in my personal life and in my ministry. After reading that book I also read a couple of other books by Foster.

One of the books was, "Money, Sex, and Power." In this book, Foster pointed out that these are the three areas of temptation we face in life. As I have looked back over the 40 plus years of ministry and life, his observations seem to ring true. When you look at the political scene, and the religious scene, and business scene these are the areas where corruption takes place. Then I wondered why we are not as concerned about these things in other areas of our society. For instance, we look at the weaknesses of the entertainment community and report on their doing but we don't hold them to the same moral expectations we do for leaders in the religious, political, and business community?

It appears to me that the moral rule of thumb today in most of our culture is, "It is alright, unless you get caught." What do you think, is this true, and why?

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