Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dealing With The Symptoms

The events of yesterday in Boston illustrate a point on the gun control issue that is not being discussed. In the U.S., we are treating the symptoms and not the problem. Israel security has  said this for sometime. When a crazed gunman kills a group of people we propose gun control. When the shoe bomber tried to blow up a plane, airport security started making us take off our shoes. When liquid explosives were found, we started limiting size of containers. On and on we go, treating the symptoms and not dealing with the problem. We are not profiling because it is politically incorrect, not dealing with mental health issues, not dealing with violence on TV, movies, and video games, not securing our borders, and not ensuring surety of punishment for crimes. We don't have a shoe problem, a liquid explosive problem, a bomb problem a gun problem, or pressure cooker problem, we have a VIOLENCE problem. We need to take a look at the problem, not the symptoms. You can take away everything a man has that might be used for a weapon and if there is violence in a man's heart he will use his bare hands to do violence. It reminds me of one of Murphy's Laws. It is hard to make anything fool proof because fools are such ingenious people. They will find someway to do violence. Pray for our nation, pray that God will reach the hearts of mankind

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