Friday, January 08, 2010

ELVIS' 75th Birthday

It is hard to believe that today is Elvis' 75th Birthday. It brings back many memories of growing up in Memphis when Cotton was still king and Elvis was still in the building. My first memory of Elvis was when a girl down the street had a black and white picture of Elvis and I asked, "who is that?" She said "Elvis" and my reply was "Elvis who?" I prefer to remember the Elvis of those days, when he was young and thin, and so was I, and could still be seen around town. When I was in Junior High school, my English teacher told about him running into the shoe store she was in to get away from the girls who were chasing him and how he apologized to everyone in the store for the inconvenience and "what a fine young man he was." I remember going up to Graceland a few days after he bought the house long before the stone fence was built. Also, saw him on Bellevue Blvd. (now Elvis Presley Blvd) riding on his Harley. I remember three rock and roll stations in Memphis during those days, WHBQ, WMPS, & WHHM and listening to Elvis songs. Remember the full page Christmas Card each year in the Commercial Appeal. "Merry Christmas from Elvis and the Colonel." Elvis still holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Memphis and they don't like to hear any bad comments about the King. Those are great memories and like life things have changed, but the memories are sweet, maybe sweeter than they really were, but they were great. Happy Birthday Elvis! Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

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THanks for sharing your memories. Well said.