Friday, May 15, 2009


I have some observations based on many years of growing and mowing grass. It all started as a kid when I had the job of mowing grass with a reel type mower (no motor) in the summertime in Memphis, TN with 90 degrees and 90+ percent humidity. It was a pain and my dad told me to have the yard cut when he got home from work. Well I moaned and groaned all day long and ran and cut the yard just minutes before he got home. Trimming and edging was also fun, no power tools just hand power. Mowing with the reel type mower, which is good for ecology, but that left the Bahia grass shoots uncut and it had to be done with a hand blade. When anything related to the yard comes with power I get it, and if you can ride on it that is even better.

I have planted grass, plugged the yard, sprayed, fertilized, put in a sprinkler system myself and done all you can do to get rid of chickweed, dollar weed, crabgrass, sand spurs, dandelions, johnson grass, mole crickets, chinch bugs, and sod web worms, on and on, and yet when you let down your guard for a few days they are back with a vengeance. Add to that the pressure of neighbors who manicure their yard and that I have done this for over 50 years and you will have some idea of the pressure I am under.

Sometimes it is overwhelming especially when I see my OCD neighbor looking at my yard and shaking his head. Then the guilt builds up and I am back at it again. Thankfully in my study of scripture I see no indication that there will be grass mowing in heaven. There, I got that off my chest, now I have to go mow the yard.

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bcole said...

For years mowing the yard was the only thing I did that showed immediate results. Even though it consumed most of my day off from church staff stuff, it fulfilled a desire to know that I was making a difference. Church work rarely gave instantaneous feedback, often taking years to see any impact you had. Allergies and age have ended my yard mowing, but I still long to see immediate results.